A Day of Nerve-Wracking-ness

Hey y’all,

So today, I had two job interviews. Great, right? I applied to 230 jobs in 3 hours this past Sunday… yes, I have a problem. Indubitably. Regardless, the first interview went kind of like how a car crash happens. The second interview was a blast. So, I’ll find out about the second interview’s outcome and their decision tonight. I’m so nervous! Applying to jobs is no joke. And being unemployed is not the best thing in a city like New York. I’ve tutored here and there after quitting my last job, but it’s about time I got a full-time position someplace. Anywho, can’t lose hope…. right? Ideally I’d like to become either a recruiter or work in PR/marketing. But right now, considering the situation I’m in, I’ll take anything. I’m sure most of you have gone through this. How’d you do it? What helped get through it? I’m nervous about finding out the second company’s decision regarding my hiring process. I have a pretty lengthy resume – might have too many words and letters on it, now that I think of it. Or maybe I’m overthinking it. I don’t know. Anyway, I graduated from university in 2016 and started a full-time job right out of college. A word of advice to you college guys and gals: Start the job hunt three months prior to your graduation date. You want a job right out of college. Trust me, dealing with not having a job up until a year or two out of college is super discouraging and can lead to depression. And stuff. Anyway, I  need to stop saying “anyway”. This post is becoming too long and I don’t want to bore you all with my thoughts.

I’ll go back to listening to the RENT soundtrack and eating cheese.

Toodles – P.


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