During my frequent trips to Europe, I happened upon a fun cosmetics store called KIKO. It originated in Italy and has boomed ever since around the globe. I walked into the first KIKO store in Vienna, where I was greeted with friendly smiles and a pleasant, fragrant scent. As I searched around the shop, I found lipsticks of various sizes and styles, foundation for many skin types, mascara with a tiny circular ball at the end of its applicator (meant to increase the volume of your lashes) and nail products. What surprised me the most about KIKO is the cost effectiveness of its products. Going to cosmetics stores in New York City, excluding stores like E.L.F., you’re going to get caught between wanting a really amazing, rich product and paying an arm and a leg for it. We ALL know what we’re getting ourselves into once we make it our goal to replenish our makeup collections. And ladies, if you’re looking for a great brand with excellent products, KIKO is the way to go. (According to my recent research, KIKO stores have also opened in certain locations within the United States. So, shop away!)

As for the quality of the products (which I did mention earlier was excellent), I do mean this in comparison with high end products from stores such as ULTA and Sephora. KIKO is innovative and constantly changing its ideas and product line. For a tiny store that has made an impact on the cosmetics industry, I say why not take a chance! Lipsticks by KIKO come in different packaging. If you read my previous blog post about Birchbox’s packaging, you’d know that packaging is really important to me (and in my opinion, to many of the makeup buying population.) Oh! And I forgot to mention that KIKO also sells skin care products that are simply DIVINE. I’ve used many of their skin care products and I have super sensitive skin. So, thanks for that, KIKO!

As for the last part of my blog post, I’ll leave you with this best selling KIKO eyeshadow… don’t you just love its design? I thought it looked like a fingerprint, which is awesome because, in retrospect, it almost is unique to YOU when you put it on! See It Here!

Okey dokey! It’s time for lunch. And I am out!

Toodles. – P


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